Smart Shades

PowerView Smart Shades do so much more than just adjust open and closed. Opting for Top Down Bottom Up shades? Adjust from the bottom AND the top. Going with specialty shades like Pirouette? When you choose Hunter Douglas motorized blinds, you can even open and close the vanes with just a tap.

What are the Advantages of Smart Shades?

Hassle-free routines

Wake up to sunlight and have your motorized shades close with the sunset for effortless privacy.

Energy efficient

Orchestrate your motorized blinds to keep it cool in the summer and maximize heat in the winter.


No one has to know you’re not home. Keep your smart shades moving when you’re on-the-move.

Room scenes

Movie time room darkening? Check. Dinner party ambiance? Check. Remote control blinds make it easy.

Remote Control

Simple and easy. Remote control blinds and shades that offer a no-fuss solution to light control.

Smart Device

Smart control. Use your favorite device to set room scenes and schedule movement of your motorized blinds.

Smart Home

We’re compatible. From voice control to remote control, our Smart Shades integrate with Alexa, Nest, Google home, and more.

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