Solar Shades

Are you looking to reduce glare and harmful UV rays while maintaining your view through your windows? Then look no further than solar shades. This shade option is perfect for coastal homes, backyards, and windows with a view. They even have an added benefit of improving the energy efficiency of your home, saving you money in the long run.

Benefits of Solar Shades

They Block UV Rays

When you choose solar blinds you’re not only creating privacy and light control, but also blocking harmful sun rays that can cause damage inside of your home. Solar shades are an elegant way to reduce the harm caused by UV rays that come through your windows by up to 99%! Protect your furniture, artwork, flooring, rugs, and more with the simple addition of solar blinds in your home.

Solar Blinds Lower Your Energy Bill

Windows allow the heat to escape from your home during the winter and cold to be lost during the summer. One of the least expensive ways of reducing this loss of energy is through energy efficient window coverings.

Solar shades for windows will add an extra layer of protection, keeping your energy bill lower throughout the year.

Styles of solar shades for windows

When shopping for solar blinds, you’ll find a variety of color and transparency options. The varying colors and transparencies will impact how much of the sun’s rays are blocked, as well as how well you can see outside.

5% solar shades block more sunlight and reduce your view more than 10% shades. This can allow you to control the amount of light that filters through your shades into your home. In the kitchen you may want more sunlight than in your bedroom, and these varying transparency levels allow you to decide what is best in each room of your home.

This varying degree of transparency is one of the biggest benefits of solar shades for windows. You can pick a style of solar shade where you can still see outside while blocking out the majority of sunlight. This is a great benefit if you have a room with a view, or if you would like to be able to keep an eye on your kids in the backyard while still reducing the glare from the sun inside.

Remote Control Options

Solar shades for windows come with the option of being motorized. Remote control blinds are amazingly convenient. You can control blinds when you are away from home, open and close blinds in hard-to-reach areas, and control multiple windows at once.

Remote control shades for windows are a great option for meeting rooms in office buildings and for windows facing streets or neighbors. Imaging being able to control your shades from your smartphone even when you’re away from the house. This adds an extra element of security when you want to be sure no one can see through your windows, or when you would like to appear to be home when you aren’t.

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