Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are a perfect accent to add to any home. Vertical window blinds show that you do things differently. While most blinds stick to the horizontal format, these window coverings do something new.

But they’re not only a visual choice. On a window, vertical blinds have several other benefits. First, many styles are very easy to adjust. While other window coverings have to battle gravity, these simply move side to side, often on a fixed track at the top of a window. A second benefit is their fixed length. While other styles take time to move up and down, vertical blinds always extend to the same length, making them a uniform presence and a pleasing sight at all times.

What are the Benefits of Vertical Window Blinds?

Easy to clean

One advantage is how easy it is to keep them looking good. Unlike horizontal blinds, it’s very difficult for them to accumulate any significant amount of dust. And even when they do, wiping them down is a breeze. You’ll appreciate not having to spend too much time on one more task like cleaning off dust.

Floor to ceiling

One advantage of vertical blinds for windows is that they are perfect for large windows. They even work for floor to ceiling windows. That’s because these window coverings can be made for nearly any length, and they can fit a much wider space than other kinds of window coverings, particularly horizontal slat blinds. So for large windows, these window coverings are a smart choice.

Easy to move

If you need to cover a door or large window, then vertical blinds are a top choice. They can be pushed aside to create a gap in the middle, which is particularly convenient when hanging in front of a sliding glass door or other kind of door. And when they’re in front of a large window, they can be moved to create the perfect sized gap for daylight to stream in.


While most blinds are lifted up and down, or simply hang horizontally, vertical blinds for windows do something different. They make a statement, showing that a window or room is different. This unique look can be a statement piece that draws the eye, or it can be a more subtle accent to complement a room. Either way, the unique nature of these window coverings set them apart from many other design choices.


These window coverings come in a wide variety of materials and colors. They can be made of wood, hanging down in a forest-like array. They can also be made of plastic or other durable products, which themselves can come in many different patterns. This variety means that a vertical window blind can be the right fit for nearly any design scheme.

Custom Blinds

Vertical window blinds are perfect choices for larger, nonstandard windows; and can easily be custom made. Custom vertical blinds show an attention to detail that sets a home area apart from the rest, and they create an environment that’s tailored to your individual preferences and the unique style of your home.

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